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Download Free CBSE IP Projects For Class 12

Download free Informatics Practices CBSE IP Projects for class 12th based on Database Connectivity of MySQL and Java NetBeans for final practical CBSE board submission also get a free project report pdf file and along with the Screenshots. IP projects based on CBSE rules for coding as per publications book of CBSE 100% satisfaction of IP projects running guaranteed.

Topic - Celocity

I. Preface:-
A. Certificate
B. Acknowledgement

II. Introduction
B. Scope
C. Utility

III. Front End and Back End used:
A. Java
C. Operating System

IV. Analysis:
A. H/W Requirements
B. S/W Requirements
C. Information Gathering

V. Design:
A. Table Structure
B. E-R Diagram
C. Coding

VI. Screenshots
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Bibliography

Scope of the Project
  • This application can be easily implemented in various Mobile selling shops.
  • We can add new features as and when we require.
  • Reusability is possible as and when required in the application.

Project by - Saksham Bhargava
School - Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School
Batch - 2015-16

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